Person of Contradiction: Benjamin Netanyahu

Well, this topic could be a hot potato for some people and there would be plenty to write about it. For example: He is suspected to be a 33rd degree freemason and is currently once more accused of corruption. These are things I can not prove and it isn’t my intention to go further into it.

There are much more facets of Mr. Netanyahu than are usually reported. As the head of Israel he rules a tiny little country. Israels size equals to the size of the small german federal state of Hessen.

Are Israels neighbours really a threat to her? Or are the people of Israel kind of paranoid? It is no secret that the iranian leaders deny the right of Israel to exist. They fight with words and weapons against Israel and spread their message successfully in Germany, France and many other countries in the world. Antisemitism is growing everywhere.

As we see, it is a big challenge to lead a country under such circumstances and keep it safe. How successful is Netanyahu in his job? He fights like a lion for his country. But unlike a lion he is not lead by emotions but uses his immense knowledge and experience that he gained during his years at the Harward Univerity and as an employee in the Boston Consulting Group. In addition to that he was an ambassador to the UN and as such in touch with the young Donald Trump and the important figures of the world.

When he took office, the economy of Israel was on the ground. With more than 50 reforms he established a freer market and supported the foreign trade.

“As a leader I have to choose between the bad and the worse, seldom between good and bad.” (Netanyahu 2015) He said this to describe the situation in the Middle East. Does it make sense to fight Baschar Hafiz al-Assad in Syria? Yes, he is a horrible leader – but only in his own country. The militant islam on the other hand wants to win globally with its aggression. That’s what makes aggressive and expanding nations like Iran so dangerous. They try to take advantage of the chaotic situation in Syria and use Syria as a starting point for aggression against Israel.

Netanyahu wants to fight the militant islam while it is week and while there is still time to defeate it. The local leaders should be left alone if they have no intention to bother their neighbour countries.

This seems to be wise politics. And what I like about him: he is authentic and a politician with all his heart who literally lives for his country Israel.

Nice to watch are these 2 videos:

What do you think about Benjamin Netanyahu and how do you perceive his actions?

Please discuss the topic and be friendly with everybody who writes here. I ask people who reject Israel to post in other communities.


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