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Dear Friends,

welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy beeing with us. If you want, leave your comments and opinions here – your name is not required.

My name is Claudia and I am german. I am looking forward to writing this blog in english. This is my favorite language since I was 4 years old.  My mother didn’t like my ambitions at all and urged me to learn French since the border was only a few miles away. I was born in Freiburg in the seventies and loved the frequent excursions to the lakes in the Black Forest.

For 10 years I have followed intensely the global economic and political developments and I see a great change there. At the end of the cold war every country pursued disarmament. A feeling of relief was in the air. What we experience now is the exact opposite. Let’s have an eye on it and try to create and keep peace.

This blog is also about the german history. Since I am german I have to deal with our people’s and my family’s Nazi past. The terror of those days must never be forgotten.

My mother told me that Hitler would have loved my physical appearance and he would have been proud of me. At school we saw some horrifying movies about the holocaust and we were left alone with those pictures then. A lot of the former Nazis lived around me while I was growing up and a dark cloud was always present. No one was allowed to talk about the third reich and nobody had the courage to ask questions.

In my twenties I was busy to deal with my addictions anyway. Meanwhile I became a christian and my life changed completely. One of the most amazing things that happened was the deep and growing love for Israel and the jews.

After years of struggeling with my own life I started to be interested in the world around me and in history. That’s how the journey began.

Please feel free to post your stories, comments and suggestions here, I’ll be excited to read them all.


Claudia (Germany)

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